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BlueOS is the ultimate vehicle overlord

Onboard vehicle software with a sweet suite of tools and features

BlueOS is a software ecosystem that runs onboard your vehicle and has a connection to the cloud.

It provides unified access to tools and services to give a cohesive, welcoming user experience on ROVs, USVs, and other robotic vehicles.

BlueOS is open-source, community-oriented, and a blast to use!

a bedrock foundation with an ocean of features

BlueOS comes with all the features needed for a companion computer and room to grow

built on web technologies

Access BlueOS's user interface through your browser and build your own extensions around web technologies like REST APIs, websockets, and Vue.

system management

Connect to wired and wireless networks, enable a hotspot, run an internet speed test, monitor system performance, browse files, and more with BlueOS's built-in system tools.

autopilot management

Run ArduPilot or PX4 autopilot firmware directly onboard or via a connected autopilot board. Built-in configuration tools and APIs make it easy to interact with.

seamless software updates

A containerized software architecture makes BlueOS Core and Extension updates quick and painless. You can easily roll back or test the latest beta with ease.

video streams

MAVLink Camera Manager comes standard, and lets you configure and redirect video streams for your connected cameras.

developer tools for all levels

Build the features you need with plentiful developer tools and publish your own BlueOS Extension to share your work.

simple by default, powerful when needed

BlueOS is built for users and for developers with clean UIs and powerful dev tools

your vehicle, your way

BlueOS shows you your vehicle, including what's on it and how it's connected. Configure your frame and peripherals, connect your sensors, and watch it come to life before your eyes!

one sidebar to rule them all

The BlueOS web interface shows all your service pages in its sidebar, including for any extensions you've installed.

See the built-in services in our docs.

extensions for everything else

The Blue Extension system allows you to create anything that BlueOS is missing - and distribute it to anyone through the BlueOS

a robotics app store

Your needs may not be standard, but they can still be shared with others in BlueOS.

The BlueOS Extension system is like a robotics app store, uniting developers and users to create solutions for any problem. BlueOS Extensions provides features beyond the standard features, such as sensor and device support, cloud connectivity, data visualization, vehicle autonomy, and developer tools.

Check out the available Extensions so far to get a taste of what is possible!

extension #1: Cockpit, an open source GCS

Cockpit is a browser-based control station software that can run as a BlueOS Extension, hosted by your vehicle.

The interface is based around configurable widgets, so you can choose what to see where, and truly control your vehicle the way you want to.

Try out an alpha release via the BlueOS Extensions Manager!

dive in, to the depths

Dip your toes into our getting started guide, or take the plunge into our development documentation.

powered by BlueOS

There's a whole world out there! See where BlueOS vehicles are being used around the globe.

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