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harbor highlights

Onboard vehicle software, with a sweet suite of tools and features.

your vehicle, your way

BlueOS shows you your vehicle, including what's on it and how it's connected. Configure your frame and peripherals, connect your sensors, and watch it come to life before your eyes!

one sidebar to rule them all

The BlueOS web interface shows all your service pages in its sidebar, including for any extensions you've installed.

See the built-in services in our docs.

commencing countdown, Cockpit on

Cockpit is a browser-based control station software that can run as a BlueOS Extension, hosted by your vehicle.

The interface is based around configurable widgets, so you can choose what to see where, and truly control your vehicle the way you want to.

Try out an alpha release via the BlueOS Extensions Manager!

fjords of features

A rock-solid feature base, in a steady stream of improvements.

autopilot management

View and replace the firmware on your flight controller, and configure your autopilot's parameters.

developer functionalities

Built in terminal and file browser, system information for debugging, and a powerful extension system for sharing your developments with the world.

device integration

Built in support for Ping family sonars, GNSS NMEA handling, and serial bridges, with manufacturer and community extensions for a variety of other devices.

video streams

MAVLink Camera Manager comes standard, and lets you configure and redirect video streams for your connected cameras.

system management tools

Configure your network connections and MAVLink endpoints, monitor performance and network speed, update firmware, and choose your software versions.

ambitions at the inlet

Our future plans include cloud-based data backup, analysis, and video processing; as well as multi-source synchronised data logging and replay.

extensions estuary

Need something extra? Install (or develop) an Extension.

dive in, to the depths

Dip your toes into our getting started guide, or take the plunge into our development documentation.

powered by BlueOS

There's a whole world out there! See where BlueOS vehicles are being used around the globe.

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